The Flower Garden ” Jardin des Plantes”

To the south of the town, this garden is an ideal place for family walks. Very popular, it also responds to a scientific vocation for the conservation of plant species from the five continents.

 From 1 January to 31 December, the painters like to install their easel at the Jardin des Plantes. In spring, the irises or the glycines with the greedy clusters, the camellias, the rhododendrons that seduce them … Preamble of a summer where the roses burst in the sun in a whirlwind of multicolored spots. Autumn displays the golds of chrysanthemums, the purples of the foliage, in expectation of a winter that preserves the exotic perfumes of tropical flowers in glasshouses.

Along the basins of the central aisle, the children telegrams their small boats.

The central conservatory, which dominates the perspective since its elevation, carries with lightness its almost 170 years. Inscribed the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments, it shelters vegetation of arid environment, Mediterranean utilitarian plants or even carnivorous plants. In parrots, parrots, parrots, quails from China, golden pheasants and other astonishing birds compete in color with the surrounding flowers, while in freedom, peacocks, ducks and water turtles walk along the small canal.

The cultural and educational vocation of the park is in keeping with the taste of the relaxation of the visitors. Several times remodeled to meet the public’s leisure demands, the park remains true to its primary mission as a botanical garden with its living collections and seed banks.